Where Do The Snowbirds Come From

During the winter, many Florida towns have plenty of out-of-state residents. This is a result of snow birds driving and flying down to south and central Floridato escape the frigid temperatures. Many people wonder where these snow birds come from.

Ontario: Believe it or not, many snow birds come down from the Toronto area. In fact, many Canadian residents stay in the area for up to six months to avoid the frigid winters of Ontario. Then, they head back up north once the area warms up.

New York: Many people come Read the rest of this entry »

Is Florida Considered Part Of The Old South

Whether you live in Florida or are simply interested in its history, you may be on a mission to find out more about this great state. One of the most common misconceptions that people have about the state of Florida is that it is considered part of what is generally referred to as “The Old South.” However, this is not the truth. In fact, Florida was not part of The Old South during the time of the Civil War.Get more information here. Read the rest of this entry »

Where Do The Original Floridians Live

In a transient culture, where one assumes everyone they meet is from somewhere else, a native Floridian is a rare and unexpected find.
Yet, unlike the Skunk Ape of the Everglades, a native Floridian is not an urban legend. There are several classifications of native Floridian. One of the categories is the 20 somethings who happened to have been born in one of the many rapidly developed communities that popped up in Central and South Florida in the 1980′s and 1990′s. These young adults are officially natives of the Read the rest of this entry »

Your Senior Parents in Florida

It’s no secret Florida’s got a reputation for harboring old people but hey, what’s not to love here if you’re a senior citizen? The weather’s great and there’s no state income tax! If your parents are thinking of making the Florida move make sure you check into the following first:
Which Neighborhoods are Safe? – Look into ADT Florida in their desired neighborhood and consider a gated community, if possible. Certain areas of the state are higher crime than you’d think and it’s best to know the facts before they buy.
Where are the Doctors? – Depending on your parents’ age they’re going to need medical care increasingly in the future. Make sure they buy within 30 minutes of quality medical care and consider the distance from your home in case you need to accompany them to any appointments.
Can they Socialize? – Studies have shown senior citizens thrive in situations where they’re able to socialize, and not just with each other. If it’s an option for them to live in a country club or an active adult community make it happen!

Where Do The Young Live In Florida

Florida is not only a great place for retirement for the elder people, but it’s rather diverse as well for the younger crowd. There’s enough for the younger crowd to do with the number of universities and theme parks.

One good place for younger people to settle is Orlando. There are a lot of nice places for nightlife such as different bars and clubs in the area. Also, Orlando is home to the world famous theme park, Walt Disney World Resort. This is a great spot to go on vacation or if you live in the area, just Read the rest of this entry »

Where Do The Retired Live In Florida

Retired people take up a large percentage of the population of Florida. There are many reasons for this. The weather, the taxes, and activities make Florida a an excellent destination for vacationers and retirees alike. While of course there are separated retirement communities all over Florida, the rest of the population is home to a lot of retirees as well. Lady Lake, for example, is one of Florida-s most prominent retirement communities. In areas such as this, there are a number of rules and regulations put into place to make it more comfortable Read the rest of this entry »

What Part Of Florida Have The Most Young People

If you-re looking for youth and beaches in Florida, Estero may be the place for you. Estero has beautiful weather, and is close to the Florida Golf Coast University. You will have access to two of the major north and south highways, making it easy to travel to the airport and events near the town, such as hockey or concerts. Take your pick at the many beaches in Estero, but be warned you-re not the only young adult going to the beat, which can Read the rest of this entry »

Where Are The Major Universities In Florida

Florida has five major universities located throughout the state. these five universities all offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs covering a broad spectrum of degree programs.
The University of Florida is located in Gainesville and is the largest university in Florida. The University of Florida opened its doors in 1853 and now offers over 300 degree programs. The University of Florida has over 900 buildings on it 2,000 acre campus and an annual enrollment of over 51,000 students.
The University of Central Florida has a main campus located in Orlando as well as eleven other campuses located throughout central Read the rest of this entry »